Stacked Dishes Water Feature

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Price includes delivery to Sydney and Illawarra areas only. Please contact us for delivery queries to other areas.

The Stacked Dishes Water Feature creates a constant subtle ripple as water is reticulated into the top dish and then spills into the larger one below it. The sound of running water is perceivable but not overpowering. Neither dish is perforated (plumbed) meaning that both dishes can be reorganised into simple separate bird baths if desired.

This water feature comes complete with everything required to install it immediately. Included are a large dish (78cm), an extra large dish (1.1m), a Coreten steel mounting ring, 24V submersible pump, external power transformer with 7m cord, hoses and hose clamps. Installation and setup is easy.

Please consult this page for more detail on this water feature.

Please note that, like all water features, this product requires a minimum of maintenance to ensure continuous operation. Leaves and other debris that has collected in the dishes should be regularly removed.

The pump has a 2 year warranty supplied by the pump manufacturer. Installation of pump should strictly follow the pump manufacturer's instructions. Please be aware that pumps have a limited life and will require replacing at some point.