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Mini Spun Copper Dish in Macrame Hanger

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The Mini Spun Copper Dish in Macrame Hanger is a small shallow bird bath sitting in a hanger. The dish holds 2 litres of water and is 420mm wide x 35mm deep. This dish is ideal for smaller birds in areas that have wandering cats, but also for apartments and balconies.

The hanger has been made with a marine grade polyester rope that will withstand exposure to both sun and water. The top of the hanger includes a large looped eye to facilitate attachment.

This birdbath can be utilised as a complement to lower larger dishes. Larger birds may occasionally try to land on and drink water from this dish. This may result in the water being spilt. A good position for the Mini Spun Copper Dish in Macrame Hanger is hung within a dense bushy tree in a sheltered position. This helps give the smaller birds confidence that they can drink and bathe without fear of cats or larger predator birds.


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