How often it is that a garden, beautiful though it will be, will seem sad and dreary and lacking one of its most gracious features, if it has no water.

Pierre Husson, La Theorie et al Pratique Du Jardinage – 1711

My name is Kath Gadd. I always try to incorporate the element of water into my garden designs. Water adds a lovely calming feeling to an outdoor space and doesn’t need to be represented in a complicated or showy manner. Ensuring there is accessible drinking water for birds is also very important to me when designing a garden. I have searched high and low for attractive and practical birdbaths for my clients and came to realise that there really were not many options. I wanted something that was primarily designed to serve the local wildlife, but didn't compromise on simplicity and elegance. The baths also needed to be able to weather the elements and be easy to clean and maintain. That is how my Spun Copper Dishes have come about. 

Copper is a beautiful metal. It strengthens as it ages and develops a beautiful bluish patina over time.



Mozzie free

As an added bonus, water that has been held in copper develops an anti-microbial property, meaning that mosquito larvae are unable to breed in the water: mozzie free birdbaths, hooray! You can read more about the natural antibacterial properties of copper here.

Made locally

All of our bird baths are made entirely locally. They are hand spun locally in the Illawarra. The steel stands are welded by a local welder, the timber stands put together by a local cabinet maker and the sandstone plinths are sculpted by a local mason who sources his stone from Bundanoon quarry.

Attracting birds

Certain birds are attracted to certain plants, with a great deal of variation based on location, local climate etc. It is worth doing a bit of research to find out which plants to use to attract which birds. As a start, and particularly if you live in the Sydney region, consult the 'bird attracting' category of my website.

Water in a garden adds to its attraction as somewhere for relaxation and contemplation. It also helps entice a variety of fascinating wildlife including birds, frogs and dragonflies.

Diana Snape, The Australian Garden – 2002