FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Will the copper dish heat up in the sun?

No. Since the dish is filled with water any heat absorbed from the sun is dissipated through evaporation. If the dish is not filled with water it will heat up. Note that birds tend to prefer a dish in part shade. Dishes can be placed in full sun for a couple of weeks to accelerate the development of the patina if that is desired. Once the copper has tarnished off, it will attract more birds in part shade.

My copper dish has arrived but the stand has not?

Your stand is likely to arrive a day or two after your dish. Because of their size the stands are typically sorted manually at the depot and are hence separated from the dish. If the stand does not arrive after a couple of days, please contact us and we can chase it up for you.

How heavy is the sandstone plinth?

The sandstone plinth weighs 200-250kg and has to be maneuvered using a trolley. Please see the following page for more info on delivery and installation of plinths: https://shop.malleedesign.com.au/pages/handling-a-sandtsone-plinth

Why are birds not visiting my birdbath?

Chances are that they are but you are not seeing them. They typically come at dawn and late afternoon. That said, there are some factors that can impact how often birds will come. Pets (mostly cats), planting, access to perching points, seasons, exposure, etc. See the following blog post for more information: http://malleedesign.com.au/why-are-birds-not-visiting-my-bird-bath/
Is copper safe for birds?

Drinking water from a copper vessel is perfectly safe for birds. The levels of copper required to cause toxic effects in birds is far far higher than the amount of copper that will leach into the water from a copper bird bath. Reports of copper toxicosis in birds involve birds directly ingesting large amounts of copper (by body weight) typically from sites contaminated by industrial activity.
We've done a literature review of the academic research in this field that you can consult here.

One of copper's benefits is that it stops algae growth. Water contaminated by algae is a greater problem for bird health.

What brand of trap-camera do you use to capture your bathing-bird photos and videos?
We use a Bushnell Nature View HD. This camera comes with two macro lenses (which make it an expensive option) that allow focusing at 400mm and 600mm. That said, the majority of our photos/videos are taken at a 3m focal distance without the use of the macro lenses.