FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

When am I most likely to witness birds bathing in my birdbath?

Dawn and late afternoon. Seasonal changes will also affect which birds you can expect to see.
Where does the copper used come from?
The sheet copper used comes from the US. Our metal spinner has tried to source Australian copper sheet, but none is available.
Is copper safe for birds?

Birds can suffer from copper toxicosis. However, the levels of copper required to cause toxic effects in birds is far far higher than the amount of copper that might leach into the water from a copper bird bath. We've done a literature review that you can consult here.

One of copper's benefits is that stops algae growth. Water contaminated by algae is a greater problem for bird health.

What brand of trap-camera do you use to capture your bathing-bird photos and videos?
We use a Bushnell Nature View HD. This camera comes with two macro lenses (which make it an expensive option) that allow focusing at 400mm and 600mm. That said, the majority of our photos/videos are taken at a 3m focal distance without the use of the macro lenses.