Birdbaths designed for Australian gardens

Autumn Photo Competition - Win a Large Dish!

For maximum effect, please watch this video in full screen. Several kinds of Honeyeaters can be seen visiting this large dish situated in a bush garden. Note that it is the nearby dense cover that gives the smaller birds the confidence to visit!


The benefits of copper

Not only does every dish age beautifully, developing a rich and detailed patina of varying colours, but copper has two other benefit: its antimicrobial properties upsets the mosquito lifecycle, and resist the growth of algae.

So you can enjoy the benefits that a body of water brings to your garden without worrying about mosquitoes or slimy water.


Water features

We have a small range of water features available. Click here for a fully reticulated water feature complete with pump and all parts necessary. It is also possible to use one of our Mallee Dishes to make your own stunning water features. See this page for advice on the most appropriate design.

Simple, considered details

ensure beauty, function and longevity

Each dish begins with brilliance

and ages beautifully