• Mallee Birdbaths are specifically designed to serve birds. The copper dishes are broad and shallow, allowing birds to land on the edge and walk into the water. The baths are modern, elegant and durable. They are locally made in the Illawarra (NSW, Australia) using materials that will weather well and last decades. For help on which dish to choose, go here.

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  • Must watch in full screen! ... and with sound on. Here, a young male Satin Bowerbird practices his display song and dance; an almost robotic routine, on a fellow young male who seems rather unimpressed. This is a medium dish on a short stand.

Angus Stewart from Gardening With Angus sets up a Large Spun Copper Dish amongst beautiful Kangaroo Paws.
Please note: the stand Angus is setting up is a medium stand, not a tall stand.

  • The benefits of copper

    Not only does every dish age beautifully, developing a rich and detailed patina of varying colours, but copper has two other benefit: its antimicrobial properties upsets the mosquito lifecycle, and resist the growth of algae. So you can enjoy the benefits that a body of water brings to your garden without worrying about mosquitoes or slimy water.

  • Water Features

    Mallee dishes can be used to make stunning water features. There are a few different designs possible. Speak to your local landscaper or consult this page for our preferred design.