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Large Dish on Sandstone Plinth

Large Dish on Sandstone Plinth

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The Sandstone Plinth Bird Bath is a 78cm wide and 5cm deep dish raised on a sandstone plinth. The solid sandstone, 70-90cm high, is in perfect visual balance with the spun copper dish. The sandstone is un-sealed and will weather over time, thus beautifully complementing the ageing patina of the copper dish.  The dish sits on a copper ring to provide an even base, all parts are un-attached so it is easy to tip and clean or move.

Birds like to bathe in shallow water and this dish is perfect for small to large birds.

Each plinth is hand hewn differently according to the qualities and features of the source stone. Some are left more natural, others are worked in more detail. To see photos of the plinths currently in stock, please contact us.

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