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Floating Steel Stand

Floating Steel Stand

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The Floating Steel Stand is made of a Corten steel ring welded to three steel rods that taper and attach to a larger Corten ring on the ground. Corten steel is a weather resistant metal steel that forms a protective layer of rust that stops structural decay. This stand can be part-buried under mulch and will last decades in exposed weather.

The floating steel stand comes in 3 heights: the small (51cm - knee height) hovers comfortably above ground covers and small bushes; the medium (76cm - thigh height) will sit above bushes and is protected from small dogs; the tall (1m - waist height) will add scale and drama to the busiest of landscapes.

If you have roaming neighbourhood cats the 1m stand is recommended. Please be warned that the 1m stand is actually taller than it might seem. It is a good idea to use a measuring tape to confirm the most suitable height for your chosen birdbath location.

Note 1: The dishes shown in the photo with the dog are large dishes.
Note 2: We feel that the proportions of the tall stand do not suit the medium dish very well (unless the base and lower part of the stand is well hidden with planting).

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