About your birdbath

Your copper birdbath is hand spun by a qualified metal spinner.

Your dish may have some slight scratches, areas of darkened discolourations, oil residue and finger marks on the edges. These are created by the handling and storage of the copper sheet material and are nothing to worry about. Once your dish starts the aging process of developing a patina any marks or discolouration will disappear.

Our dishes do not have any added finish put on them. This allows the copper to do what it does best, not attracting mosquitoes or allowing algae to grow. It also ensures that birds do not have any adverse affects to any chemicals.

All our dishes are checked (for shape and edge bead) before being shipped.

Steel stands may be quite rusted. The top and bottom ring of the stand are Corten steel, a type of steel designed to form a protective coat of rust. These stands are designed to live outdoors and will last several decades despite their appearance.