Handling a Sandstone Plinth


Outside of the Sydney region our sandstone plinths are typically transported by TOLL. The plinths weigh 200-250kg and are secured to a half-pallet with a strong strap. TOLL couriers deliver the plinths to street-facing driveways and offer an inexpensive and usually quick delivery service compared to other companies.

It is important to note, however, that the TOLL driver will want to drop off the plinth pallet as quickly as possible and get on his way. TOLL will provide the estimated date of delivery but this has been known to vary by 24 hours. If asked, some TOLL drivers will ring ahead on approach, but many will not. If you have any reservations about about using TOLL, or access to your property requires special attention, or you need to know exactly when the plinth will arrive, then it is best to avoid purchasing a plinth.

If you have a driveway that is reasonably easily accessible and TOLL can safely drop the plinth off without someone being home, then TOLL will provide a quick and economical shipping service.

The image below shows a typical drop off, where the pallet has been left in the driveway.

A strong trolley is adequate to move the plinth (stood up on its side) from the driveway to the garden on most properties, however, steps or tricky terrain can make transport more difficult. Before purchasing our plinths please consider your ability to move it from the driveway to your ideal garden spot.



To install the sandstone plinth use chocks or other supports under the base  to level the top surface (we've used green chocks in the images below). No formal foundation is needed to support the plinth. Make sure to test the plinth is level in two directions to ensure it is truly level.  Due to its weight, the plinth will settle over time and you may need to reset the chocks/supports after 2 or 3 months.

Once the plinth is leveled, place the copper ring on its top surface. Note the ring may extend over the top edges slightly depending on the width and shape of your plinth. The birdbath can then be positioned, with or without a rock as a perch point for birds and extra stability.

Enjoy your birds!

The Mallee Team